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Description of PINGI 3 X 36G SACHET LAVENDER


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PINGI Slimline Lavender Sachets There are few things more enjoyable that the feel of freshly laundered cloths and bed linens. The buildup of excess moisture in drawers or closets can cause musty smells or even mildew on your apparel and sheets. Moisture in footwear and textiles does not evaporate well in enclosed spaces, and can cause the air to quickly turn stale. The smallest member of our DryScents family, the PINGI Slimline Lavender Sachets is designed to capture moisture right away and freshen the air with subtle perfumes. The innovative moisture absorber will efficiently change all excess liquid into a gel, while at the same time special fragrance pearls will imbue the air with a fresh and pleasant smell. Each pack contains 3 sachets. Category: Single-use Product Description Closets, shoe drawers and other small spaces are the perfect place for excess humidity to build up. This is often the cause of musty smells, and it will cause clothing to lose its pleasant fragrance. PINGI Slimline Lavender Sachets combat the problem valiantly, right at its source. The innovative moisture absorber is comprised of two active ingredients one effectively absorbing all excess humidity, with the other spreading a delightful and fresh fragrance. Incredibly Easy to Use The Slimline Lavender Sachets are designed to be extremely effective, yet simple to use. The small pouches can easily be fitted in any drawer, cupboard, closet or any other small space, and thats as much effort it takes from you. The active components immediately start working, and theyll keep the air fresh and dry for up to 2 months before the Sachet needs to be replaced. Double Power Comprised of two active elements, the Slimline Lavender Sachets serve two functions. The innovative desiccant keeps air humidity levels optimal, preventing excess moisture from building up. At the same time, the fragrance pearls permeate the surrounding space with a delightfully fresh fragrance.

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Pingi reusable dehumidifier Buddha design
Pingi reusable dehumidifier Buddha design
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